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  • Extreme Musk - a scandalous and devilishly seductive aroma, the subtle touch of which makes your skin shiver with pleasure and intoxicates to the tips of your fingers. As if caressing creates excitement and emotion. It cannot be described in words, it must be experienced... Aroma works like pheromones. The soft kiss of powdery musk creates an incredibly warm and sensual atmosphere in which you want to sink. Sinking into the embrace of thick caramel, contrasting spices, juicy fruits and frozen flowers, it seduces everyone who smells it. An intangible and insanely sensual aroma, which is characterized not only by an oriental character, an abundance of scents, but also by an effect described in one word - sexuality.

    Top notes: lilies, caramel, ginger

    Middle notes: rose, sandalwood, patchouli, benzoin

    Base notes: musk, vanilla, benzoin, amber




    Verta karūnos

    Pasikeitus šiais burtais,ne matoma karūna patogiai įsitaisė man ant galvos.Galiu pasakyti kiek vienai, laikas užimti savo sostą....




    Nuostabūs, prabangūs, apsuka galva nuo pirmo papurškimo )) jus dabar mano kvepalų parduotuvė numeris 1!!!

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    o jerguteliau

    Dieviskas kvapas , ne gal ne dieviskas, o beprotiskas,varantis is proto.
    Burkalifa kolektyvas patare buten sios kvepalus padovanoti draugei.
    Tai drauge ant tiek apsidziauge kad strakaliojo is laimes.
    Aciu Burkalifa uz profesionalu patarima ir parinkima

    • 5 out of 6 people found this review useful.

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