ABOUT US - The company's main activity wholesale and retail sale of cosmetics and perfumery. 
We can offer you the highest standards GOLDI; CARE absolutes; PRESTIGE PARFUMS; Roxanne brand products.

GOLDI - Professional highest quality Dead Sea Cosmetics

Goldberg family accumulated a very extensive experience in the cosmetics industry, in 2005, he patented a new line of professional brand Goldi. The brand was an immediate success in the global market. While Goldi cosmetics Lithuania is only 4 years old, but has already managed to earn very high customer acceptance. Goldi cosmetics based on even 21 Dead Sea minerals, 12 of which are not found in any other world sea. Goldi cosmetics is unique not only in the fact that it is rich in natural ingredients, but does not contain parabens, which can cause allergic or other badly reactions. From ancient times until now, the Dead Sea minerals and secrets of the human body fascinates scientists. Historical sources say that the Dead Sea salt and mud used Queen of Sheba and beatilful Cleopatra. Doctors, biologists and dermatologist analyzed the components of this mystery, until finally used them in cosmetics, that you can feel the greatest effect and its benefits. Enjoy! Love and enjoy yourself! Give yourself the best! The Goldi skin-care product line manufacturers downed you the best components, education and experience. It now remains only to decide which products you choose!

ABSOLUTE CARE - characterized by healing properties of the Dead Sea product line.

This company is a leading Israel in direct sales and professional market. They sell cosmetics 1,700 independent beauty consultants and professional beauticians in Israel, and 80 countries throughout the five continents of the world. Absolute care manufacturers proudly presents a unique line of products based on Dead Sea minerals, all products to balance extremely sensitive to allergic reactions prone skin. Dead Sea minerals are extracted even from 420 meters below sea level, the sea is one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. Absolute Care product line has an absolute maintenance of the skin. Dead Sea properties imparted scientific basis achieves the maximum benefits of the highest standards of quality, designed to give you the best facial and body spa products. This line of the Dead Sea has healing properties, designed to take care of your body, skin and overall well-being is enhanced with natural floral fragrances to feel all spa feeling at home.

PRESTIGE PARFUMS - Exclusive French perfumes for men and women

Prestige Parfums is a company that cherishes tradition of French perfumery industry for 36 years. Founded in Paris in 1978, operating on a global scale, through the five continents of the world. It is a leading company who offer their experience, creativity, professionalism, thus ensuring their success. Products specifically designed and intended for different types of countries, markets and consumers. Prestige perfumes always their way to the highest standards, in order to obtain maximum results. Each odor ingredients are carefully selected and their work is supervised until the end result for the customer to feel all the flavors ranges. Manufacturers are looking for innovative, creative ideas odors generated by the course design team. Since modern bottle design to the exclusive fragrance of each client's taste.