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  • An exclusive fragrance crafted from the finest ingredients deserves a spot on your list of premier perfumes! Embraced by admirers, this aroma, with its impressive smoothness and beauty akin to a masterpiece, has already captivated millions of hearts worldwide. We confidently predict that this scent will emerge as an absolute bestseller in Lithuania too! It embodies the essence of the most discerning and demanding woman, one who cherishes beauty and embraces perfect imperfections.

    The soft and gentle saffron seamlessly becomes a second skin, while gray ambergris, musk, and cedar cocoon you in a clandestine veil, akin to magical stardust. Periodically, it allows you to radiate, leaving an enchanting trail and a powdery kiss on your skin. Enhance your perfumery collection with this unique, charming, articulate, and magically alluring aroma.

    Top notes: Almond, Saffron

    Middle notes: Jasmine, Cedar

    Base notes: Ambergris, Woody Notes, Musk.





    Zinojau ka perku, nes kolege parekomendavo, esu nustebinta ant kiek gerai laikosi aromatas ir zinoma esu maloniai nustebinta su netiketa dovanele.
    Aciu jums. Rekomenduosiu visiems.

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    RED PALACE EDP 100ml.

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