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  • Extreme Mukhalat is an oriental spicy fragrance designed to dazzle and surprise those who adore concentrated long-lasting scents. Whether sprayed on clothes or on the skin, this Arabic perfume does not lose its power. You will smell like the first spray all day long. The dark brown shade of the bottle further emphasizes the dark shades of leather, ivy, musk and cloves it contains and confidently describes the personality of the wearer: confident! After all, the first impression is really important.

    Top note: bergamot and cloves

    Middle notes: rose, iris and orange blossom

    Base notes: vanilla, amber, leather, musk and patchouli




    Extreme Mukhalat

    Nuostabus kvapas, ne saldus, ne vaisinis, nenusakomo gerumo....



    Puikūs kvepalai

    Nuostabus kvapas, svelnus, ne saldus, ilgai isliekantis

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