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  • EXTREME VETIVER - a fragrance designed to reveal the perfection of vetiver. It's like nature waking up after a warm rain, surrounded by fresh greenery and a whiff of earthy wood. An exclusive, incomparable unisex fragrance, like a masterpiece full of luxury, nobility, power, temptation and passion. A pure, graceful and at the same time powerful aroma with a unique character, atmosphere and experience that reveals the absolute nobility of its ingredients and the power of nature. Described as an aphrodisiac, this complex fragrance will appeal to both women and men. An aroma that will suffocate you for a long time. It is a true masterpiece. The ultra-luxurious ingredients vetiver, Sichuan pepper, patchouli and bergamot make the composition unforgettable and excite everyone. Vetiver is a strong aphrodisiac, it is a long-lasting note with a huge dose of strong character. There is no other substance in perfumery like vetiver. It is thick, viscous, earthy, and smells of bitter freshness and soil. A carefully polished, almost purified aroma reveals the essence of vetiver without ever taking the easy way out. The refined and incredibly gourmand aroma simply clings to the skin and gives you self-confidence and assurance.

    Top notes: Grapefruit, Bergamot, Lemon

    Middle notes: Sichuan pepper

    Main notes: patchouli, vetiver




    Man patiko!

    Superinis kvapas, ilgai išsilaiko!



    Extreme vetiver

    Gilus ir ryškus kvapas,labai patenkinta tiek kvapu, tiek pristatymu



    Uj gerulis

    Jei reiketu rasyti pazimi tai reasyciau 10+ ,kei kas paklaustu ar patinka, sakyciau net labai, o jei kas paklaustu kiek kainuoja, sakyciau 200 eur, ir tikrai jie to verti :-)

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